Halloween Party Tips

Halloween is my favourite time of year. I love the candy. I love the spooky decorations. Above all I love the scandalous outfits we all try to pull off. Plastic skirts that barely cover our bottoms and masks to hide our faces and divert the shame that the day after brings.
I tend to go all out for Halloween. This is in part because my birthday is quite close in date. I am indeed a true Halloween baby- well sorta.

I have some Halloween survival tips that you must follow to ensure you have an amazing Halloween celebration.

1)   Choose a breathable costume. I’ve made the mistake one too many times of trying to pull off the PVC onesie. This in theory looks good but once you get the drinks into you and your temperature rises, you might cook yourself to death or at the very least pass out. This is not healthy.

2)   Limit your drinks. You want to be able to remember your night. We all know  a few too many can result in lack of memory. Try infusing some vodka with candy korn for shots. Just don’t do too many of them…

3)   If you disobey tip number 2, then make sure the camera phones are put away.  Blackmail can be a bad thing. Pre-powerade. You know what I’m talking about.

4)   Create a photo room. This is easy. Simply buy a cheap tablecloth from the dollar store and hang it up. Your guests will love it!

5)   Don’t overuse the smoke machine. This will cause your guests to leave the party- this might be a good tactic if there are too many people in your tiny house as in case of College Street.

6)   Tell your landlord you are having a party. Surprises like a party with drunken  idiots does not make for good tenant relations.


7)   BE SAFE and HAVE FUN.

Dig out those fake lashes and dress yourself up in something ridiculous. It’s the only time of year you can be a fool and no one will judge you- or at least no one should judge you.



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