Not Your Grandfather’s Drink: Courvoisier Cognac

Gtonge1 and I

Gtonge1 and I – he’s so handsome!

I have a pretty well rounded palette when it comes to liquor. I recently went on a sensory adventure with Courvoisier. For those of you who don’t know the brand Courvoisier – it’s a premium brand of cognac. Yes I said cognac. Now you’re probably thinking why the hell am I drinking the type of liquor that is found in my grandfather’s liquor cabinet? The truth is, this type of liquor is so classy and refined that your average 20-30 year old might not have had the experience or the opportunity to truly taste luxury when it comes to fine liquor. I have now tasted luxury and I don’t think I will be able to go back to the monotonous alcohol I’ve been so used to over my past drinking years. Much like a more premium vodka such as Crystal Skull or the famous Grey Goose, Courvoisier Cognac is truly in a premium league of it’s own. It is absolutely smooth and is extremely easy to drink. Did you know that Stevie Nicks is rumored to enjoy a drink of Courvoisier every time she needs to perform or record vocals…. maybe this is a new trick I will keep up my sleeve.

Stevie Nicks enjoys a good drink of Courvoisier before recording in studio!

Stevie Nicks enjoys a good drink of Courvoisier before recording in studio!

While out for a press event with the Courvoisier brand, we were shown how to properly drink the cognac. We tried five different Courvoisier cognacs of which we were walked through the proper way to sip the drink as well as how to distinguish the flavor notes in each glass. Mike McLean of Mixxit explained that the higher the quality the longer it takes for the legs (alcohol) to drip down with a simple swirl of the glass. This is something you should look for next time you’re sipping a glass of cognac. The crafting of this fine drink takes years of experience. There is no set recipe and rather the whole process relies on the palettes of the brew masters. For me, this was a true telling that this beverage is an art rather than mass-produced liquor. I’m sipping art!


Courvoisier XO

My personal favorite was the Courvoisier XO. This is a sipping beverage that will make you feel like the king of kings. Cognac can also be used in cocktails although I found during this tasting of these beverages, I truly enjoyed the straight cognac the most. The taste is simply divine and not really comparable to other 40% vol. beverages. I would never sip premium vodka but a classy cognac… that is another story.

Throughout the night, we enjoyed delicious mixed drinks from apricot cocktails to unbelievable fusions of well-crafted garnished drinks complete with high quality fresh juices. We also ate at amazing restaurants such as ICI on Harbord, The Grove on Dundas W, and Geraldine in the up and coming Queen W area of Parkdale. From delicious lobster bisque to a succulent lamb, we dined liked kings the entire night. It was an amazing night that I will not soon forget. Did I mention we were chauffeured around in a Hummer stretch limo? Riding in style.

Riding around in style

Riding around in style

Treat yourself to delicious bottle of Courvoisier and you could win an unforgettable experience! World-renowned premium cognac brand, Courvoisier, has launched Courvoisier: The Unforgettable Experience, a national consumer contest that will give Canadians the opportunity to win a dream vacation valued at $25,000. Consumers can enter online at for a chance to win their choice of one of three extraordinary experiences:

▪ A sensory experience to the Courvoisier Château in Jarnac, France
▪ An indulgent experience to a luxurious, all-inclusive resort on the private island of Fiji
An adventurous experience to a private African safari trip in Nairobi

Best of luck!




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