Goodbye Tinder – Why I’m breaking up with you

I would’ve purchased stocks in Tinder – this is how much I liked the app. Noticed the ‘liked’ reference. I was a Tinderette for a while always swiping when I wasn’t busy. It was a great way to pass time. Besides, every once in a while I would go on a date and it wouldn’t be horrible.

Tinder is an app that is for the ‘inbetweeners.’ It’s for the  people who have recently broke up with their exes and want a quick rebound. This is at least my take on it. Think about it – you get immediate attention and self gratification from others who you find attractive and – they in turn find you attractive. It’s the perfect for the brokenhearted or those looking to get over what was once a relationship. I was using it as a method to date which clearly was not a good idea.

I have managed to gain some clarity about my online dating habits over the past few months. I am not cut out for Tinder. It takes up time which I don’t have at this point in my life. There are several more things I could be doing with my spare time and swiping a man left or right is not one of them. Let’s get serious…

I should be spending time writing a JUNO hit song… (After all I am a Canadian)

I should be writing the book I’ve been talking about for years…

I should be going to the gym… and not Tindering at the gym because:

A) I only attract roiders who are in my gym’s  vicinity


B) I have almost killed myself on the elliptical when I was once sent an obscene message on Tinder

The point is…I am talking a break from the online dating world. It was fun while it lasted but realistically all of the men I’ve met just haven’t panned out… some were weirdly not over their girlfriends. Some were not even who they claimed to be in real life… Heck some were just plain weird…

Let’s get organic… both figuratively and literally!  I’ll be at the grocery store…. He’ll be buying some kind of delicious kale (if that’s even possible) I’ll make a joke about said kale…. and the rest is salad.  Two words Tinder:




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