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Winston and Roxanne

Winston and Roxanne

Anyone who knows me knows I have two fur kids who I absolutely adore. Of course one has an addiction to destroying leather couches and the other is so needy I trip over her – she’s constantly under my feet. I nonetheless love them unconditionally. I’m known in my neighbourhood as the crazy lady with the two dogs. This is probably because they are the worst when I walk them and I end up causing quite the scene. Friends now refuse to walk with me… more bonding time with the pup. (Glass always half full people)

Play time and treat time!

Play time and treat time!

Treats are a big deal in my household. I always bring them to the dog park when we play fetch. Winston is still trying to get a hold of how to bring the ball back. He’s a sweet boy but not to quick on the uptake. Treats make for a positive reinforcement resulting sometimes in a rerun of the ball!


See the difference!

I have spent several of a hundreds of dollars on treats and toys over the past year on Roxanne (Jack Russell) and Winston (Sharpie-Beagle). I have to watch what I feed them – especially Winston. He has an extremely weak stomach and throws up at the drop of a hat. I usually buy Milkbones but I recently came across Northern Biscuit Bakery’s Natural Dog Treats. What immediately sold me were the flavours and the fact that they are all natural.

Pumpkin Pie
Turkey Cranberry
Grilled Venison
PB Banana Copa Cabana!
Canadian Bacon with Blueberries
Peanut Crunch!
Smoked Fish with Blueberries
Beef Tripe
Grilled Bison with Blueberries
Glazed Duck with Blueberries
Grilled Wild Boar

image copy 5

Winston is so happy for a treat!

Yep…my mouth is watering just typing these flavours out. I felt good about giving these treats to the dogs not only because of the delicious flavours but because of the healthiness of the product itself. The biscuits are made with all natural ingredients and in good ole Canada (I love Canadian made products). Some are wheat free while others are grain free. The dogs absolutely went wild over them and I’ll most likely be needing a new bag soon. They figured out where I keep them.. sneaky little pups.

To find out more about Northern Biscuit Bakery, click HERE.



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