Getting Pampered at Salon Davachi

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Ever notice how significant a role our outer appearance has on how we feel inside?

I know it’s what’s inside that counts, but hear me out. I’m not disputing that inner beauty plays a significant role in cultivating our outer beauty. What I am saying is that how we feel about the appearance we project also has a similar effect. When you take care of yourself and look good on the outside it’s only natural to feel good about yourself as a whole, thus starting off a whole cycle of positive vibes.

Why do you think so many people are excited to share pics of themselves running, eating well and wearing a new outfit? Without this notion hashtags like #ootd, #foodpron and #getpampered wouldn’t exist.

I can admit it. When I’m dressed up, hair done, makeup on – I stand a little taller. Hell, isn’t that the goal – to feel confident in yourself?

If you want to take it even further, I recently attended a solon opening that aims to do all the above. Internationally renowned hair stylist, Félor Davachi has launched her first namesake venture, Salon Davachi in Toronto’s iconic Yorkville area.


There for the salon’s official grand opening, I got a sneak peek of the full service space, offering a variety of services ranging from cut and colour, massage, facial and skincare, laser hair removal, semi-permanent makeup, eye lash extension and cosmetic dermatology.

Get your hair done!

Get your hair done!

The 2,000-square-foot pace carries the exclusive Oribé product line, and lends nothing to chance, with custom-made everything, right down to the silicone sink lips that protect you from getting wet when getting your hair washed.

A must try

A must try

Check it out for yourself. The salon is located at 97 Scollard Street.

Get pampered!



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