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I work in the digital world and therefore I’m always coming across apps for mobile. I’ve been a big supporter in the past of Foursquare. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a check-in app that allows you to target where you are, check-in to that location and read any comments or tips that other users have left. Depending on the vendor, you could also get perks for checking in. For example, a café near my old work would give out free baked goods with each check-in. Great for my tastebuds. Horrible for my ass.

I liked Foursquare but it came to the point where each check-in became pointless. Who cares if I’m at Petvalu for the 18th thousandth time? I recently came across an app that is not only engaging and full of fun, it gives the customer a chance to note how they really feel about their experience. It gets vendors involved and this helps generate a consumer friendly and vendor happy experience for everyone .


STRUM is where it’s at. STRUM is based off of a point system. You simply check in and get points in which you can bid in an online auction. When checking in you can note the person who waited or tended to you, an item, and how awesome or awful the service is. There is a comment section for you to point out specifically how your experience was with the location. You can also upload a photo.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and had amazing service? You say to yourself, I would love to let his or her manager know… but then you finish your meal and head on your merry way. That poor waiter has no idea how you felt besides the tip you’ve hopefully left for them.


How about the time you were at a restaurant and the waitress/waiter was so rude you felt like throwing your spaghetti and meatballs in their face? Write how you feel in Strum and maybe the owner will be able to provide that individual with some feedback on how to be polite… Clearly I had an issue once at an Italian restaurant one time.

I like STRUM because you can also follow fellow strummers giving it a community feel. It’s on my mobile homepage  along with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 3.26.11 PM

To put this into perspective for you, I have won a wicked sweater from a Untitled & Co. on Queen West, an awesome spray tan from WEST Salon, a delicious pie from Mabel’s Bakery, and doggy bags from Unleashed in the City in only a few months. I’ve been awarded Starbucks gift cards for commenting and leaving feedback. There’s nothing better than a free coffee folks!

Founder and CEO Andrew Smith is ALWAYS interacting with strummers. I don’t even know who the CEO of Foursquare is!

I’m not receiving any compensation for this post what so ever. I just really feel that this is a fantastic app and I really urge you to get it.  If not for the fun auctions and free merch… than for the simple fact that you’ll be able to communicate with vendors on the service you’re receiving. It’s fun, free, and rewarding.

You can check STRUM out at: or download from your app store!


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