From pencil skirts to spanx

Like the famous X-Tina, I tend to yo-yo with my weight. One minute I’m a size two and rocking a mini skirt, the next I’m online sourcing the most effective Spanx product so that I can fit into said mini skirt (just buy a larger size- a size 6 cannot fit into a size 2. Miracles are not possible people).

I have decided that I would like to fit back into my more form fitting clothes and therefore I am going on a major lifestyle overhaul for the next month or so. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.

Here are my top 20 tips to healthy weightless:

1)      Drink lots of water

2)      Drink lots of green tea

3)      Don’t drink alcohol (or at least limit the amount)

4)      Cut back on carbs

5)      Eat lots of vegetables

6)      Limit your fruit intake

7)      Limit your milk intake

8)      Cut back on red meats. White fish is the best. (it is also the only I know how to make)

9)      Exercise at least 4 times a week – Calories in = Calories out

10)   Get 8 hours of sleep

11)   Reduce your stress

12)   Weigh yourself

13)   Keep trying on those pants that don’t fit

14)   Take multivitamins

15)   No eating past 7pm

16)   Keep a mental note of your food intake

17)   Buy an additional source of supplement- will force you to work harder

18)   Cut out desired weight pictures and stick them on your fridge to remind you of your goal

19)   Try on a bathing suit every second day

20)   Reward yourself every once in a while

Good luck my friends.


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