For the love of spikes

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no surprise to you that I am a strong advocate for spikes. In the perfect world, everything would be spiked. Spiked shoes, spiked blazers, spiked punch (sorry had to be cheesy there). I even was the key influencer in my best guy friend chopping off his mushroom cut for rad spike do in grade 8.

The fashion world has fully embraced this trend and isn’t letting it go any time soon. I was at the mall last week and even saw some bathing suits embellished with spikes. Clearly these people are not doing the breast stroke.

Here are a few spikey items I managed to add to my closet this season:


These spiked/ jeweled bedazzled booties from Zara are show stoppers. I recently wore them to an event. I paired them with a simple outfit and let them do the talking for me. They are definitely a statement shoe. Also diamonds are a girls best friend and when you pair them on a shoe, honey you’ve got it made!


Keeping with the shoe theme, I picked these up from the Winners close by. They were $39.99. I was diva on a dime that day! These peep-toe booties are great for the spring/summer season. They as well are a statement shoe. I have yet to find the perfect outfit to wear them with but I have them in a place that is easily accessible for when I do.

My favourite clutch is also a proud member of the spike family. It’s a flashy piece that I rarely take out due to the combination of spikes and diamonds. It’s a little tacky but paired with the right outfit, it makes for a nice addition.


This leather skirt- again from Zara (seeing a pattern?) is also a great item. It’s not too in your face because the spikes are somewhat subtle compared to some outfits you see nowadays. I’m a fan of this skirt because the leather is so soft and I feel it is a great piece for transitioning from winter to spring.

Lastly… Drum roll please….

Winston’s collar! Now when I first put this on him, I got a lot of people thinking he was a vicious and ferocious dog. Fortunately for him, he wouldn’t hurt a fly and rather is scared of everything. He looked pretty cool with this new accessory. I’ve since switched him to a ‘manly paisley’ collar making him a bit more approachable.

What spikey fashionable things are sitting in your closets?


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