Dressing for Dating

It’s date night. You rush home from work. You’ve been playing with your hair for the majority of your last 3 hour meeting. Needless to say it’s far from looking polished. What do you do? I’m lucky because I have curly hair- meaning, I can get away with the ‘throw it up in a poney’ look. Those who are not so fortunate might have to do some recon and run it through a straightener. Enough of hair. What do you wear?

This is a question that taunts every young single lady in the dating world. Heck some of us- most of us will go out shopping just to find that new shiny outfit for that potential price charming. (I use this reference lightly).

I am a true fan of it depends on the situation. If you’re going out to dinner, you might want to look into a nice dress or dress pant. Put something shiny on that will impress him. Leave the Stones tee at home and put some A- for effort into it.

Movie Date- wear something that is half and half. Jeans is a good go-to for this. Go casual but not too casual. Leave the hoodie at home but opt for a blazer. A woman can do no wrong with a blazer.


Outdoors Date- If you’re doing something outdoors than make sure you plan for it. This is not the time to be busting out a mini-skirt or a sexy low cut top. This is the time to throw on your cute running shoes and some rocker chic cargos. If he’s a good one, he’ll appreciate you’re not a sissy girl who is high maintenance.


I’ll probably get some slack from some people saying – be who you want to be, dress how you want to dress. OK, OK I get it but lets be honest, first impressions mean everything. I would never date a guy with stains on his shirt on our first date. That’s like three year, heavy commitment, if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it kind of attire.

The key is to judge the situation and then base your outfit off of the plan. Its a no brainer I know. Be cool. Dress cool. You will no problem.


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