Doggy Daze: When to get a dog

There are many reasons for getting a furry four legged amigo. Some may be that you’re lonely, or that you need a reason to get your ass out of bed before 9 am every day to go for a walk. My reasoning was that I had promised myself that if I had moved to the city, I would get a dog because this would be a major decision that I would have control of.

I bought Winston while having a few too many beverages at a party. I looked on kijiji for the perfect dog and there he was staring back at me on the other end of the computer screen. In all truthfulness, it was his brother’s picture who I had seen, but you get the point. I did no research or logical thinking; I just sent the email saying I would make the purchase.

Now Winston although has claimed vengeance over two leather couches, ripped countless brand new articles of clothing, eaten expensive shoes, and virtually has made my house on occasion smell like a urine factory- is the best thing to ever happen to me.

His little face is the cutest thing you will ever see. He literally melts most people as we walk by. Little do they know he has expensive taste- again literally.

Here are my tips on deciding whether or not to get a dog.

1)      Do you have enough time for a dog? If you plan on staying after work for drinks and socializing all of the time, then DON’T get a dog. Dogs take up a lot of time. You have to have the time to walk them, feed them, and take them out to pee. You have to be willing to get up at 6 or 7 am to do these duties.

2)      An animal is like a child. You always have to be willing to train them. You have to control the barking, the biting, and the chewing. They are essentially a 2 year old for the remainder of their lives.

3)      Can you afford it? A good friend of mine told me to not get Winston because he would cost too much. I laughed and told her a bag of dog food doesn’t cost that much at all. HA HA HA. I spent over 3 grand on surgeries for his ears, antibiotics, standard vet procedures in the first year alone.  AND this doesn’t include the daily purchases of cool collars and chic leashes.

4)       Lastly, make sure you are in the position to own a dog. Dogs need a lot of attention. If you don’t have the time or are stressed out for some reason, postpone the dog hunt until you are stable and are in a good position to care for your furry friend.

I love my dog and every day I am thankful he is mine. This doesn’t mean I’m not stressed out by his actions or the actions like peeing all over my floors after I just washed them…. WINSTON!!!!!!! The neighbors can hear me now.


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