DIY Raspberry and Honey Face Mask

I have had my fair share of spa days especially since moving to the big city of Toronto. In the Maritimes, a spa treatment can run you anywhere from 50-100 bucks.

However in the small pop-in spas along Bloor several services are offered that are cost efficient. But what if you don’t want to leave the house? Here is a simple solution  for a DIY Raspberry Facial Mask.

All you need is:
½ a cup of red raspberries
½ a cup of honey
½ a cup of rolled oats

I like to add in a teaspoon of plain yogurt to add some additional moisture. The combination of these ingredients contain antioxidants, natural antibiotics and moisturizers, and helps exfoliate, tone, and cleanse the skin.

Combine all of the above ingredients and blend. Spread along the skin and leave until dry. Clean off the mask with warm water when finished. Your skin will feel cleansed, moisturized, and most importantly renewed.



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