DDM Cosmetics: Seriously Red

I have recently become obsessed with DDM Cosmetics – particularly their red lipstick. It’s not only an amazing colour that I haven’t been able to find anywhere, it is long lasting and does not dry out my lips. They have been perfecting the formula and have finally mastered superior hydration and long lasting colour. Two things – key when looking for the ultimate lipstick!

I have become a red-a-holic. Everything from my hair to my shoes – everything I’ve been sourcing in red. DDM’s Seriously Red is my new favourite thing since sliced bread.

I have the Limited Edition LED Lipstick which comes with a light and a mirror built in for those nights when you have to apply on the fly! Complete with antioxidants, vitamin E, vanillin extract, high pigments and beneficial minerals, you may never switch to another brand again!

DDM’s Line-up

This product is made in Canada and is cruelty free, paraben free, hypo-allergenic, allergy tested and non-comedogenic. Hey, that’s certainly something I can get behind.

These lipsticks retail for about $15.99 – $24.00 – a decent price point for a long-lasting lip colour.

Application tip: For best results applying this lipstick we recommend three thick layers. Finish with a tissue blot between the lips to ensure that no product ends up on your teeth. This DDM Cosmetics formula is creamy and extremely long lasting so won’t require much maintenance throughout the day/night if applied thickly.

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