Dating 101: Meat meets the fishies of POF

I recently helped a good friend with his online dating write-up and profile. It is after all a dating jungle out there and any help is appreciated. I along with another fabulous friend sat down with beer and pizza in hand and Don Jauned the shit out his online dating profile. We made his write up quirky with a tad bit of mystery. His photos told a story of a traveler, beach loving, down to earth kind of guy. I mean ladies get on it… or rather get on him.

So person X comes to me  a few days later and asks why he isn’t getting any play from the online ladies. I am shocked. I mean I would’ve been tempted click on him. After all his write up does reflect everything I’m looking for in a partner seeing as I wrote it. This might not be the best for him… as some of the qualities we fibbed on. But hey this is the risk one takes with the online social world of dating.

To make a long story short, little did we know, his profile was set up for only intimate encounters. This diminished his chances significantly of finding a respectful girl. Only those with herpes and the odd case of chlamydia were perusing his deets.

So in closing, he is now set up and on the right track with some pretty ladies messaging him every few days. He’s a real peach and I’m sure one of these girls will soon experience the man they call Meat.


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