Crop Tops, Spikes, and a Baseball Cap

It has been one of the edgiest fashion scenes this fall/winter season I’ve ever seen. I thought I was hip rockin’ the studs but the trend soon caught on. It’s a nice trend to have in stye I must say.

Here are a few of my favourite things to wear this season.

One of my personal favourites are my studded boots. I  bought them in both brown and black leather because I loved them so much. I’m sad to say I just packed them away due to the fact that it is now sandal weather in Toronto. That being said, I recently found studded sandals. That’s right folks, studded thong sandals.

Crop tops also make my list for favourite trends. I have a feeling after reading several fashion blogs, that this trend is one that will not die fast and will continue into the spring and summer. I am okay with this. I feel as a curvy girl, I can still somewhat show a little skin. oooh la la.


Finally the token baseball cap. This makes my list because I think it looks damn cool. Plus I get to simultaneously support my Jays. GO JAYS! It’s a casual look but it’s a great fix for those days when your hair just won’t cooperate. I picked up this cap below at LIDS for only $39.99- not a bad deal for something that will last me throughout the spring and summer (depending on how many games I get out to)..


Ta Ta for now.



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