Cocktails with Alvear Amontillado Sherry

I felt like Tom Cruise... but with pants on.

I felt like Tom Cruise… but with pants on.

Think about your liquor cabinet for one second. I can tell you exactly what’s in mine. I’ve got a quart of vodka, 2 bottles of red wine, a quart of rum, a bottle of Courvoisier, and a bottle of Sherry from Alvear Wineries. Don Diego de Alvear y Escalera began production over 275 years ago in 1729. Throughout 8 family generations, their product has become perfected with impeccable taste.  Alvear is the oldest winery in Andalusia, a historic bodega of acknowledged prestige for nearly three centuries and till today remains on the very same top.

Not your grandmother's Sherry

Not your grandmother’s Sherry

Surrounded by friends, we took to the ice, strainers, martini glasses, and several liquors that went into the ingredients of these amazing cocktails. Do The Daniel and GTONGE1 sat next to me and may or may not have gotten sprayed by my clumsy cocktail shaking job. Clearly I could never be a bar maid. I have no patients, no concept of measurement and I am awful at tapping the martini shaker off of the mixing glass. Fail.

We made 2 cocktails which were beyond tasty. I noticed one of the girls across from me had barely sipped her first drink…I was like a cheetah waiting to pounce. Now you’re probably thinking….”Sherry…my grandma drinks sherry…” Well you’re right and she probably does have a fine Sherry collection but that doesn’t mean you can’t too! Get with the times!

The Alvear Amontillado Sherry  we used originates from Spain in the Jerez region. It retails for roughly $12.99 at your local LCBO and is mighty fine. If you’re looking to augment your liquor cabinet, be sure to pick up a bottle of Alvear Amontillado. It’s delish!


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