travelcuts Film Festival: WHO WILL GET TO SEE THE WORLD THEIR WAY?

Four weeks, three stunning finalist videos, and only one grand prize? Who will win the first ever TRAVELCUTS TRAVEL DOC FILM FEST? Now it’s up to you, Canada! Running until November 17th, travelcuts is asking Canadians to cast their vote via Twitter for their favourite #travelcutsDOC video submission. Encouraging young, adventure-seeking Canadians to travel the world, […]

Music: Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen

Good music makes me melt like butter. I can put on a song and play it for hours if the instruments, lyrics and voice are just right. That being said, there aren’t too many songs  that can be played 20-30 times in a row without making you sick… except maybe for Taylor Swift’s Shake it […]

The Miracle Spray: Beekeeper Naturals

I had laryngitis for 4 months. This may have possibly been one of the most difficult times in my life. I’ve identified myself as a singer since I was only 4 years old. The thought of not having my voice killed me. Slowly but surely it began to come back. After visiting a throat specialist, […]

OLD Music: Limblifter

I like this band. They formed when I was just a teenager back in 1996.  They are originally from Vancouver….Canada literally ROCKS! They released one of my favourite tunes: Ariel Vs. Lotus in 2000. Once you listen to this song, you’ll instantly be brought back to lockers, math books, Smirnoff Ice coolers, and awkward makeout […]

NEW Music: Half Moon Run

If you haven’t heard of Half Moon Run or at least YouTubed their tune Full Circle… then you are sadly missing out. With incredible sleek lyrics and a catchy simple riff that’ll have you in a somewhat of a trance; you will not be able to stop listening to this song on repeat for at […]

NEW Music: July Talk

Finding a band with a unique sound is like winning the jackpot. Literally, I would rather find an incredible album that I could listen to on repeat for days rather than win at a $5,000 scratch ticket. Well… maybe not $5,000 but you get the point. I recently stumbled across July Talk. Picture a 1940’s […]


  We are constantly living and we are constantly dying meaning we don’t have much time for regret. This is something I’ve been pondering about for days. I can’t say I have many regrets. The regrets I do have play more of a role on my cautionary side. I shouldn’t have drank so much at […]

New Music: Mapei

If you’re not digging Mapei’s single “Don’t Wait,” then sorry, you have no musical taste. The Swedish-American recording artist released her debut EP – The Cocoa Butter Diaries in 2009. Her latest single however was released only last year and has captured some rave reviews. The best way I can explain Mapei is – eerily […]

New Music: Wet – Wet

Finding new amazing music is like winning a small lottery. Not that I buy lottery tickets… but I think a couple million would feel mighty great. I recently stumbled upon a band called Wet – Wet, and I’m feeling slightly rich. Comprised of three talented young kids out of the big apple, the group has […]

Music: Justin Hines

It’s not everyday you come across an inspirational individual who makes you look at things differently and I mean truly look at what you’re doing here and now and become inspired to do more to achieve your dreams. I was lucky enough to meet someone today who has overcome extreme challenges and made it his […]

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