travelcuts Film Festival: WHO WILL GET TO SEE THE WORLD THEIR WAY?

Four weeks, three stunning finalist videos, and only one grand prize? Who will win the first ever TRAVELCUTS TRAVEL DOC FILM FEST? Now it’s up to you, Canada! Running until November 17th, travelcuts is asking Canadians to cast their vote via Twitter for their favourite #travelcutsDOC video submission. Encouraging young, adventure-seeking Canadians to travel the world, […]

Get Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

(1) Pure and Simple Rosacea Care Grab-and-Go-Kit $158 (2) Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser, Young Living $296.05 (3) Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper $28 and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes $60, available at Pure and Simple (4) Handmade Blue Lapis Chakra Necklace by Soul Symbols $225 (5) The Bee Shop Honey Sticks, Natural Honey Lemon Sweets and Ornate […]

Moores Canadian Suit Drive: Give A Suit – Change A Life

Most times when we think of giving back, our minds immediately become fixated on soup kitchens, helping out at the local homeless shelter and spending countless hours upon hours with stray dogs at a pet shelter. Although these are very nice things to do for your community, giving back can be as easy as emptying […]

Win with the The Green Living Show

I love trade shows. Maybe it’s the unique exhibitors, the free samples, or the awesome guest speakers. Whatever the reason, I am super excited The Green living show is coming up this month April 25-27. The Green Living Show is dedicated teaching individuals how to live a happier and healthy life. With over 400 vendors […]

Luxury laundry with The Laundress

Luxury is something that we all long for. There are a few things in my life that I know are borderline on the luxurious side. My Balenciaga sunglasses for example were a big chunk of change to spend all at once. Did I mention I got them filled with prescription lenses?… Oooh baller.  I recently […]

The Fantastic Four: 4 Blazers Under $40

Heeelllllooooo FRIDAY! I’ve scoped out the diva on a dime blazers and get this; they aren’t sitting on a sale rack. Here are my four under forty! 1. Dinner Jacket from H&M This drop collar blazer has accentuated shoulders giving it a slightly bolder edge when it comes to your standard blazer. It also is […]

Fall Must Haves

Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? Fall is on its way fast. I think the weather is still a bit confused. One day I’m walking the dogs in a tank top and shorts. The next day I’m throwing on a wool sweater and contemplating digging out my mittens. What gives Mother Nature? I […]

A Cinderella Story (Red Carpet Edition)

As a child I always dreamt about walking the red carpet and not down the isle like most girls. To be specific- The Grammy’s is where I always pictured myself. I’ve yet to have this privilege but I’ve had my chance at a few step and repeats in my recent adulthood. Who doesn’t love a […]

Get your nails did

I’m a big fan of painted nails. Those of you who know me will probably roll their eyes at this comment as I tend to let the chips go a little too long. There has been many a times when I have found myself in the supply room at work with a black sharpie touching […]

Canadian Couture Online? Yep…Runway Crush

I’m a big fan of online shopping. I once ordered 76 items in one night off of Ebay. Most of the items were small trinkets like cool cheap accessories but nonetheless, I was addicted. Maybe it’s that feeling you get when the package arrives- kind of like when you were a kid and you got […]

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