Win with the The Green Living Show

I love trade shows. Maybe it’s the unique exhibitors, the free samples, or the awesome guest speakers. Whatever the reason, I am super excited The Green living show is coming up this month April 25-27. The Green Living Show is dedicated teaching individuals how to live a happier and healthy life. With over 400 vendors […]

Beauty Review: Precision Blending Brush

Getting that flawless look doesn’t have to be a difficult task. I recently came across a new product that I must share with you. The new Precision Blending Sponge for makeup application. The spongelike material makes for an amazing and flawless application give you an airbrush look. I have used many of these sponges in […]

Spa Week Canada

It’s almost that time of year… no I don’t mean Thanksgiving… I mean Spa Week sponsored by Way Spa where back rubs, facials and mani-pedis are rampant in major cities Canada-wide. Can’t afford a $200 stone massage? Don’t feel bad – neither can I. This week however I can. Spa Week (Oct 15-21) features top […]

Sweetgrass Spa: A Sweet Experience

I recently had the priviledge of going to Sweetgrass Spa located on 111 Queen St E. This is not your typical spa. In fact, it is one of the only women’s only spas in Toronto….next to Body Blitz. Sorry guys…I remember a time when you didn’t let us vote…Ahem, I digress. The atmosphere is absolutely […]

Taking a bath for all the right reasons: A Body Blitz Experience

I have been experiencing a lot of firsts recently. This is a good thing as it I am broadening my horizons and learning so much about things to do in this great city. When I was a kid, I remember my mother taking off to Europe with a bunch of her friends. My aunt was […]

Bat your lashes

There are always things we  can do to better our appearance. Whether it’s a bit of lipstick here and there, a flat iron through the hair, or the odd shot of Botox to the forehead, a woman has to do some work to look her best.  There are indeed levels of intensity and believe me, […]

Get your nails did

I’m a big fan of painted nails. Those of you who know me will probably roll their eyes at this comment as I tend to let the chips go a little too long. There has been many a times when I have found myself in the supply room at work with a black sharpie touching […]

Canadian Couture Online? Yep…Runway Crush

I’m a big fan of online shopping. I once ordered 76 items in one night off of Ebay. Most of the items were small trinkets like cool cheap accessories but nonetheless, I was addicted. Maybe it’s that feeling you get when the package arrives- kind of like when you were a kid and you got […]

When to embrace your inner nerd

Is it acceptable to show your nerdy self. Is a my inner Star Wars obsession something I should reveal and embrace? The answer here is maybe. If you are a girl who is in a new relationship, it is always good to test the waters before shedding some light on your inner nerdisms. For example, […]

Big ass lips

Everyone has a problem area that they are self-conscious about. My one personal flaw are my lips. A while back, I decided to get my lips done.  I didn’t think too much about it and made the decision one weekend over drinks. Now I know what you’re thinking- duck lips. I’m pretty classy people, so […]

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