Canadian Couture Online? Yep…Runway Crush

I’m a big fan of online shopping. I once ordered 76 items in one night off of Ebay. Most of the items were small trinkets like cool cheap accessories but nonetheless, I was addicted. Maybe it’s that feeling you get when the package arrives- kind of like when you were a kid and you got a real letter. Real mail can be so cool sometimes. Needless to say, the mailman and I have a difficult relationship due to the fact he had to selectively place my packages into my tiny mailbox so that they would all fit.

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Although I love myself some good ole Ebay, I try to shop local as much as I can. One can only imagine how excited I was when I found about Runway Crush, an online shopping mall experience exclusively retailing Canadian designers. Now we have to wait a bit folks but isn’t this kinda exciting? The platform is due to launch this June.

Runway Crush supports and promotes local talent with a new conduit to share their designs in a personalized boutique within the virtual shopping mall. The site will feature fashion, jewellery, and accessories.
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“Canadian designers have so much to offer – unique, intricate and exceptional designs,” says Julia Leitch-Church, founder of Runway Crush. “I started Runway Crush to create a fashion retail hub that benefits all designers – fresh out the gate or those who have been in the field for a while – who need an additional avenue to grow on a larger scale, while enabling further access for consumers to attain them.”

I’m a big fan of this. Many times there are so many talented individuals who get overlooked due to bad timing and or circumstances. I’m sure the next big thing in Canadian couture is just waiting to be downloaded. Ahh the virtual life we live.

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Fashion trendsetters, gurus and enthusiasts alike will now have a one-stop shop for local emerging and veteran talent from couture gowns and day-to-day outfits to jewelry and accessories. If you’re a designer, you can sign up for a spot by visiting

So there you have it, a one stop shop to buy local. Who knows you could be buying a piece from the next John Galliano or Tom Ford.



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  1. This sounds great. I am soo looking forward to the launch!!

    Posted by Kafff | May 15, 2013, 1:24 pm

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