Blue Mountain Getaway


Totally coordinated my hair to match the leaves...

Totally coordinated my hair to match the leaves…

Never have I ever travelled to a ski resort when the trees were still in full fall bloom and the hills were covered with green grass rather than deep snow. You would be surprised just how much fun you can have at a ski resort off-season. Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario is an incredible spot to unwind or wind up for that matter.

I recently went to check out what all of the fuss was about. Why were people going to a ski hill off-season? What is there to do? They offer several activities from zip-lining, bag jumps, mountain roller coasters that mimic downhill skiing (the ridgerunner – do if you dare!) to amazing shopping, delicious dinning and lots of swimming fun. This place was a dream and I will return be it with friends or on a romantic getaway.

Zippin' through some corn!

Zippin’ through some corn!

We jumped in our Zip Car – the perfect way to get out of the city for a while may I add… and headed for the hills…literally. Lucky for us, our car was equipped with a GPS – a true testament to a good rental car. It took us about an hour and a half to get to Collingwood from Toronto. It truly felt like a different world up there. The air was fresh; I’ve never seen so much green and the amount of cute mountain bikers…let’s just leave it at that.



We ate lunch at The Pottery where the chef shared with us his upcoming fall menu – delicious to say the least. They source their food locally from their greens to the meat. If you ever make your way down there, be sure to pop into this restaurant. You taste buds will thank you.

After a hike up the mountain and an open air gondola ride down the hill, we grabbed dinner at Oliver and Bonacini. They never seem to disappoint. Their Mac and Cheese complete with was to die for. I was so exhausted by the fresh air and all of the activities of the day –  that I passed out around 10 pm. I cannot remember the last time I’ve gone to bed that early. It could’ve been the comfortable beds at the Grande Georgian Hotel. The suite we had was amazing complete with a patio, kitchen, two huge bathrooms and a propane fireplace.

A must!

A must!

The next morning we headed to the Sunset Grill to grab a bite and then made our way to the Scandinave Spa. This is a must. Their soaker baths were incredible. Heat up your body and cool down with a quick freezing plunge. I was in heaven. Shortly thereafter, we jumped back into our Zip Car and hit the road for the big city. Along the way we stopped at several farmers markets picking up apples, corn, cider and basically anything and everything we could get our hands on that was fresh and organic. I even bought a pie…and ate said pie within a few days…eek can you say winter weight?

One show not to miss

One show not to miss

Hitting the green hills of Blue Mountain has got me rearing and ready to go for this winter season. What better way to get ready than to check out Canada’s largest ski and snowboard show – the Toronto Snow Show from Oct 16,17,18,19 at the International Center in Mississauga, Hall 5. Get your tickets here!


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