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Skincare is something I have developed a passion for over the past 2 years. My grandmother is in her 70’s and doesn’t look a day over 55. Her skin is tight with few wrinkles and perfect pigmentation. It’s my sincere hope that I get her genes. But is youth all about our actual genetic make-up? She spends little time in the sun, always washes her face before bed and in the morning and spends a fair amount of money on lavish skincare cremes and serums. Nonetheless, she is stunning and she is doing something right. The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping around for skincare are the ingredients. Many times products will claim that they are organic but really only have one or two ingredients that are natural. They can be tricky. When I took the time to investigate my cremes and serums, I was shocked to find out that they were full of ingredients I’ve never heard of and more importantly couldn’t pronounce – never a good sign. Your body will soak up to 80% of what is applied topically. This means any product that has dangerous chemicals will quickly make its way to your bloodstream. I’ve recently come across a skincare line that is 100% natural – Skin Essence Organics.

Common ingredients found in skincare products:

Parabens – (methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl)
Reason– Toxic, Irritates the skin, known to cause skin rashes, dermatitis  and rosacea, Also found in breast tissue of cancer patients.


Reason – Very toxic and has been linked to Alzheimers disease in numerous studies.

Synthetic  Colorants
 -(Labeled D&C or FD&C)
Reason – Often contains aluminum, irritates skin cells and is a suspected  carcinogen.

Petroleum  Derived Ingredients -(Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Vaseline)
Reason – Clogs pores may cause acne or dry skin and often contains  carcinogens.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Reason – Known to damage the skins outer layer and is a suspected  carcinogen.

Synthetic  Fragrance
Reason – Toxic, highly allergenic, many chemicals used in fragrances are unregulated and unlisted.

Reason – Mimics estrogen in the body; Known to cause  hormonal imbalance in the body and affect reproductive toxins; associated with  birth defects in children and low sperm counts in men.

I’m jumping on the natural skincare train. It’s on folks! I’m starting this change in my beauty routine with Skin Essence Organics. Skin Essence Organics is a truly organic skin care line developed for the body’s largest organ, the skin. They only use the finest ingredients with nature’s extracts, essential oils and minerals. They created the line with leading researchers, a highly  regarded herbalist and holistic esthetician. Over the course of  20 years, they have perfected the line to rejuvenate cells, feed capillaries and nourish the skin.

Fresh Cleanser
This cleanser is full of all kinds of good stuff like Lemongrass Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil and Sunflower – to name a few. It felt unbelievably refreshing on my skin. Let’s just say they named the product accordingly. I know I am going to go ga ga over this product just from using it a couple times.

Fresh to Death!

Fresh to Death!

Product Description:
Fresh is a concentrated and highly nutritional facial cleanser that has been specifically formulated to clean the skin without leaving it dried or damaged. The variety of organic ingredients used in this decadent blend, offer optimal healing, toning and cleansing benefits. Fresh effectively removes dirt, oils and make-up that can irritate the skin and lead to break-outs and has great nourishing properties.

Facial In A Jar
Although I looked like Oscar the Grouch when I first applied the Facial In A Jar, I kept with it and let the process take its effect. My skin instantly tightened. A bit got in my mouth. I expected a disgusting taste but was surprised with a sweet delightful taste – likely the Marshmallow Root… must NOT eat facial product Erin….My  skin felt great after I washed the product off – 10 minutes later. I’m really looking forward to the end result after using for a few weeks!

Tasty Facial In A Jar

Tasty Facial In A Jar

Product Description:
This unique product helps achieve smooth, vibrant skin by removing dead skin cells that clog pores and form blackheads. Exfoliating regularly improves skin’s elasticity and its ability to absorb moisture and retain the rich nutrients found in each one of our serums. The various active ingredients in this formulation are ideal for healing, nourishing and softening the skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil
I can honestly say after using this product my face felt more alive and bright than ever before. There was no burn – only a refreshing feel. My skin is fully hydrated. This product is meant to hydrate and help with aging – two things every woman longs for in a skin care product. I am a believer.

Quench your skin

Quench your skin

Product Description:
Rosehip Seed Oil contains one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It can be used for naturally toning the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing scarring, healing skin tissue & broken capillaries, reducing fine lines, rejuvenating skin cells and dramatically improving the skin’s moisture levels, leaving the skin looking radiant and with a healthy glow.

I would recommend this line to anyone looking to get a fresh face and a head start on preventative skin care. It is seriously a game changer in my opinion. The line runs from $20-$35 and can be purchased HERE. Follow them on Facebook. You can also check them out at the Green Living Show – Canada’s largest consumer trade show dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. Come down and check them out. I know I’ll be making a few choice purchases from their lineup!

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