Bat your lashes

There are always things we  can do to better our appearance. Whether it’s a bit of lipstick here and there, a flat iron through the hair, or the odd shot of Botox to the forehead, a woman has to do some work to look her best.  There are indeed levels of intensity and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of ‘the levels’ so to speak. My latest kick are my lashes. I started getting eyelash extensions about a year ago. I tried to quit them in a plea to save some dollars but this my friends did not last long. I was back in the hot seat a month later getting them re-done – an expensive cost initially.


For any woman who doesn’t have long lashes and is a fan of the phoneys, needs to try extensions. They might just change your whole face – as in my case. The initial full set can cost you anywhere from $120-$400. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for the set to be placed. Thereafter, you will have to get refills usually once a month depending on how fast your lashes grow, how much you sweat, and how often you’re rubbing your eyes.

Be sure you do your homework on where you choose to go to get your lashes done. I have been going to the same girl for a year now and she knows exactly how I like my lashes. I have seen some horror lashes before where the glue is exposed. I’m not a fan of the Clockwork Orange look.


My advice- put the fakes down and try out the extensions. More than likely, it’ll be worth the money and once you start turning heads, you’ll be able to justify the extra beauty expense 😉



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