Bad To The Bone Bridesmaids



Weddings seem to keep popping up as I’m getting older. Many of my friends are saying the “I do’s”. Most of my girlfriends are at that stage where the ring is just around the corner. There are a few of us singletons – but not many. That being said, I have to start thinking about what I might look like in an awful bridesmaids dress. It’s difficult for me because I live far from my life long girlfriends. Should I be asked to be in one of their weddings, I might be in trouble. Will I be able to make the flights home to take part in the bachelorettes and the showers? How will I be able to help with the invites thousands of miles away?

This brings me to today’s topic. Bitchy Bridesmaids. I recently heard a horror story from a friend of mine. His friend was the maid of honour in a wedding and had a horrible experience. People can change in a matter of months and this is what the case was for said bride and maid of honour. The two had drifted apart and were not as close as they once were. That being said, the plans were still in motion and she would remain the maid of honour. Here is the problem, the other bridesmaids didn’t know the maid of honour. They treated her like an outcast. They didn’t include her on special occasions held for the bride, refused to give her money for an expensive  batchelorette trip, and even kicked her out of the hotel room before the wedding.

Now if you’ve been in a wedding, you know that it can be expensive. This girl was paying through the nose for an occasion she unfortunately was dreading with a bunch of catty bridesmaids who were making her life a living hell. Here’s the icing on the cake. After the wedding ended and everyone had a few drinks in them, the maid of honour went to the bathroom for a quick second. He new boyfriend of 3 months who also had way too many drinks that evening, thought it would be a good idea to stand up for his woman. He let into the bridesmaids calling them out for all of their wrong doing.

Now the war was really on. Just when she thought this horrible day was over, a fight ensued with the ‘he said, she said’ mentality.

This story makes me think twice about wanting to be asked to be in a bridal party. It’s expensive, stressful. and can be a downright nightmare. That being said, it can be an honour to share that special day with the beautiful bride to be. All I know is the bride in question would have to be one special lady in order for me to put up with that nonsense. I think I would have had an assault charge and sore hand had it’ve been me.


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