ARTDECO – Perfect Teint Concealer & High Precision Liquid Liner

Good makeup is hard to find but when you dsicover a brand that works for you, it’s an amazing thing. You may or may not have heard of the brand ARTDECO. It originates out of Germany and has been making its way into the Canadian market over the past few years. It’s a fabulous brand that I’ve recently come across and I’ll be thinking twice before I switch to anything else.

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Perfect Tient Concealer

It’s my two year anniversary with YSL’s Touche Eclat.  YSL Touche Eclat has changed many lives… you think I’m kidding but I’m not. If you have those damn dark circles under your eyes, the Touch Eclat will take it away. The only problem with this product is that it is quite expensive. You’re looking at spending roughly $50 a pop. ARTDECO offers up the same type of product but in my personal opinion not only works better but is less expensive. It’s called the Perfect Teint Concealer. The light-reflecting pigments cover up shadows around the eyes, lines and wrinkles. Complexion appears more even and radiant and gets a fresh appearance. One of the best features is that the light texture is water-repellent and long-lasting. I can virtually go out all day and night and not have to re-apply.

Before initial use, rotate the end of the stick several times until the color becomes visible in the brush. All you have to do to get that flawless airbrush loos is dab onto the parts (e. g. dark circles around the eyes, nasolabial groove, corner of the mouth or the eyes) that should be lightened or covered and distribute with the fingertips. The product can be applied directly after skin care or on top of the make up.

High Precision Liquid Liner

High Precision Liquid Liner

Another life-changing makeup find is their High Precision Liquid Liner. A friend of mine told me that once trying this product I would never switch. I laughed and told her I was just fine with the product I was currently using – nonetheless I gave it a try and low and behold I was converted. The thing is, I could’ve sat through three screenings of the movie Titanic, watched the final episode of Dawson’s Creek, dropped my ice cream on the hottest day of the year, and suffered a major breakup…. and still the tears wouldn’t budge this stuff. I speak from the heart kids and this makeup is magical.

With the High Precision Liquid Liner, you can draw a very precise and fine eye line – ideal for that sleek and sexy cat-eye everyone wants to embrace nowadays. It contains carbon black pigments for an intensive, deep-black eye line giving you the perfect look for a night out on the town. Wear it to the office…why not? The premium high-tech brush is made of finest fibers that form a precise and flexible tip. This stuff lasts forever and that’s truly what I love about the product and I am a believer. Hallelujah.

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