A Medical Spa

Recently a friend of mine came ill. We toyed with the thought of having to wait in the waiting room for ridiculous amounts of time at the hospital. Finally we came to the conclusion that it was necessary we go to emergency. After a quick bout of research, we decided that the best place to go would be Mount Sinai Hospital. There are two reasons for this. One: it is a teaching hospital meaning they are willing to do additional treatments and tests for the purposes of teaching tomorrow’s doctors. Two:  the care is by far the best I have personally seen in the city.

The doctor was smart and to the point. His humour was even a treat.  The nurses were amazing. My friend got his own room and in no time was hooked up to an IV. He was asked several times whether he needed a blanket… was this a spa?

All in all from the time we arrived at the hospital until we left, we were there a total of 6 hours. My friend left with prescription in hand feeling at ease about his condition and the future of his health. In closing this post, should you need urgent care in the city of Toronto, Mount Sinai is the place to go.


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