Fall Must Haves

Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? Fall is on its way fast. I think the weather is still a bit confused. One day I’m walking the dogs in a tank top and shorts. The next day I’m throwing on a wool sweater and contemplating digging out my mittens. What gives Mother Nature? I must say, I am happy that fall is just around the corner. Fall fashion is the ultimate best. You don’t have to wear a big bulky coat and you don’t have to feel insecure that you can’t wear little crop tops. It’s the best of both worlds really.

I love the colours that come with fall. Darker colours are obviously more flattering which makes for a great match with my fashion. I enjoy deep and dark reds, dark browns, and greens which are all on this years hit list in terms of fashionable trends. Today on the closet we take a look at what items are hot this fall for outerwear.

My pick this week is this Tube Scarf from H&M. It won’t break the bank at a wopping $12.95 price tag. A scarf like this can take you outdoorsy look from drab to fab in a second. There’s something about scarves that make me think whoever is wearing one is well put together.

H&M Tube Scarf

H&M Tube Scarf

Living in Toronto, I know I’m going to have to pull out my horrendous winter jacket for a good portion of the winter. This leaves me with a minimal time to get my fall fashion on. My pick for the season is this Wollen Wraparound coat from Zara. It’s design is interesting and flattering. I’m also a big fan of Zara’s quality.

Wollen Wraparound

Wollen Wraparound

Night Sneaker-Strao High Heel Bootie from BCBG retails for $350 is the perfect bootie for pairing with a dress. This round toed boot has the texture of snakeskin with the elegance of an exposed platform. Let’s just say they are downright cool boots and if I see you wearing I pair, more than likely, I will stop you and make a friendly comment.

BCBG Boots

BCBG Boots

So there you have it! From head to toe, these are my top picks for this week’s Fashion Friday. I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next week.

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