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Organics Live

There’s nothing better than biting into an organic red delicious apple – the key word in that sentence being ‘Organic’. Many times we go to the grocery store and stock up on produce only to get home and realize the fruits and vegetables we’ve just purchased taste absolutely like nothing. I can’t keep track of […]

BEAUTY: Skin Essence Organics

Skincare is something I have developed a passion for over the past 2 years. My grandmother is in her 70’s and doesn’t look a day over 55. Her skin is tight with few wrinkles and perfect pigmentation. It’s my sincere hope that I get her genes. But is youth all about our actual genetic make-up? […]

On the Road with Plug N’ Drive

The time has come. The future is here! The automotive industry is starting to make changes and take the necessary steps towards going green. With the rise and fall of gas prices over the years, it’s no wonder that the demand for electric vehicles has gone through the roof. Consumers no longer want to have […]

TRAVEL: Canadian Road Trip

Many times we find ourselves taking flight to warmer destinations like Mexico or Cuba. Although stunning – and who doesn’t like to get out of this cold weather, we have the ultimate destination in our backyards! Discover what Canada has to offer. There are so many unique destinations across the great white North just waiting […]

DDM Cosmetics: Seriously Red

I have recently become obsessed with DDM Cosmetics – particularly their red lipstick. It’s not only an amazing colour that I haven’t been able to find anywhere, it is long lasting and does not dry out my lips. They have been perfecting the formula and have finally mastered superior hydration and long lasting colour. Two […]

CONTEST: Green Cleaning with AspenClean

I have two dogs which can complicate things when it comes to cleaning my house. I have to be conscious when making purchasing decisions for all of my house cleaning products such as: all purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, dish soap and floor cleaner. I’m sure the same thing goes for parents with young children…and  although […]

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