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Safe Sex is Sexy

All I have to say is Safe Sex is Sexy!… okay I have more to say. Condoms are not like they used to be. Gone are the days of bulky latex offering up what felt like an actual rubber glove. Today most of these lovely gems are made with polyurethane material which is twice as […]

Losing my Win

A year ago to the day I lost my dog Winston. I was home visiting for the Christmas holidays and a fluke accident took him away. It cast me into a dark place I admit. I cried all of the time. My best friends were a pair of fleece PJ pants and GAP sweater from […]

OLD Music: Limblifter

I like this band. They formed when I was just a teenager back in 1996.  They are originally from Vancouver….Canada literally ROCKS! They released one of my favourite tunes: Ariel Vs. Lotus in 2000. Once you listen to this song, you’ll instantly be brought back to lockers, math books, Smirnoff Ice coolers, and awkward makeout […]

NEW Music: Half Moon Run

If you haven’t heard of Half Moon Run or at least YouTubed their tune Full Circle… then you are sadly missing out. With incredible sleek lyrics and a catchy simple riff that’ll have you in a somewhat of a trance; you will not be able to stop listening to this song on repeat for at […]

Goodbye Tinder – Why I’m breaking up with you

I would’ve purchased stocks in Tinder – this is how much I liked the app. Noticed the ‘liked’ reference. I was a Tinderette for a while always swiping when I wasn’t busy. It was a great way to pass time. Besides, every once in a while I would go on a date and it wouldn’t […]

NEW Music: July Talk

Finding a band with a unique sound is like winning the jackpot. Literally, I would rather find an incredible album that I could listen to on repeat for days rather than win at a $5,000 scratch ticket. Well… maybe not $5,000 but you get the point. I recently stumbled across July Talk. Picture a 1940’s […]

Tis the Season for Cocktails

Tis’ the season for cute dresses with WAY too many sequins, shoes that are not appropriate for Canadian winters and enough red lipstick to… well ….paint the town red. More than all of that… tis’ the season for delicious cocktails. Like most Torontonians, I plan to hibernate this winter. I’m forcing myself to venture out […]

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