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Travel: Beach Destinations

Prepare to pull out your oscillating fans, air conditioners, and spray bottles…summer is upon us! Of course, if you would like to sweat it out somewhere a bit more glamorous than your humid living room you can pack up your swimsuit and head for the beach., the world’s largest accommodation site, has combed through […]

The World’s Most Unique Accommodations

I’ve recently have been on the lookout for an out of this world unique vacation – not your average all inclusive but something that I can literally write home about. The great thing about planning a vacation is that picking the destination can be half of the fun. After scouring the internet, I managed to […]

Sunday Cruising with Chevrolet

I love living in large city. I can literally find something to do every night of the week. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for Indian or Chinese, I can get virtually any kind of food I want and when I’m strapped for an outfit, I can easily go to a shopping mall  just around […]

Moores Canadian Suit Drive: Give A Suit – Change A Life

Most times when we think of giving back, our minds immediately become fixated on soup kitchens, helping out at the local homeless shelter and spending countless hours upon hours with stray dogs at a pet shelter. Although these are very nice things to do for your community, giving back can be as easy as emptying […]

New Music: Mapei

If you’re not digging Mapei’s single “Don’t Wait,” then sorry, you have no musical taste. The Swedish-American recording artist released her debut EP – The Cocoa Butter Diaries in 2009. Her latest single however was released only last year and has captured some rave reviews. The best way I can explain Mapei is – eerily […]

New Music: Wet – Wet

Finding new amazing music is like winning a small lottery. Not that I buy lottery tickets… but I think a couple million would feel mighty great. I recently stumbled upon a band called Wet – Wet, and I’m feeling slightly rich. Comprised of three talented young kids out of the big apple, the group has […]

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