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Micro Pedi by Emjoi: Put your best feet forward

I would have to say that I have to go to the spa to get a pedicure once every two to three weeks. This is not because I live a lavish lifestyle. This is simply because I have the worst feet on planet earth. I once found out that a guy I was dating had […]

ARTDECO – Perfect Teint Concealer & High Precision Liquid Liner

Good makeup is hard to find but when you dsicover a brand that works for you, it’s an amazing thing. You may or may not have heard of the brand ARTDECO. It originates out of Germany and has been making its way into the Canadian market over the past few years. It’s a fabulous brand […]

Cocktails with Alvear Amontillado Sherry

Think about your liquor cabinet for one second. I can tell you exactly what’s in mine. I’ve got a quart of vodka, 2 bottles of red wine, a quart of rum, a bottle of Courvoisier, and a bottle of Sherry from Alvear Wineries. Don Diego de Alvear y Escalera began production over 275 years ago […]

Music: Justin Hines

It’s not everyday you come across an inspirational individual who makes you look at things differently and I mean truly look at what you’re doing here and now and become inspired to do more to achieve your dreams. I was lucky enough to meet someone today who has overcome extreme challenges and made it his […]

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