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Dating Chronicles: ‘The Blow Off’

It always amazes me the quality of men out there – and not in a good way. You’d think I’ve been jaded with all of my pessimistic  relationship posts. Maybe I have become slightly jaded thinking the glass is always half empty. I’m ready for someone to fill up my cup and prove me wrong! […]

Music: FOALS

I’m a little late posting this but I have to share my new found love for the band Foals. Now I have been known to have a wide taste in music. I tend to lean on the indie rock side of things when it comes the typical tunes I listen to on a daily basis. […]

The Science of Sex: Chemistry

Chemistry – is sexual chemistry a real thing? I used to think that it was nothing more than an old wives’ tale but now I am not so sure. I’m starting to think that sexual chemistry is something that is far more important and more real than ever before. Remember that time you were at […]

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