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Dating Chronicles: It’s a small world after all

There have been a few certain times in my life where I have had the ‘jaw-dropping’ moment in where I am so shocked and in awe of how small our world really is. My world currently is Toronto. This is the largest city in all of Canada. There are millions of people who live here […]

Search For Winston: Medium Round-Up

  I’m skeptical but I have had some mediums help me out from all over Canada. There seems to be a few things that correlate. Please by no means harass anyone with green window accents and a white house.. These are merely suggestions and things to watch out for. Here is the medium round up: […]

Thinking of Winston

I’ve been putting off writing this piece for some time now because frankly my heart is still broken. I have experienced pain and loss in unimaginable ways before but the tragic event that happened over the holidays takes the cake when it comes to heartache in my life. I travelled home for the holidays with a […]

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