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Art: Pharrell Williams, This is Not a Toy

When one thinks of art, the first thing that typically comes to mind are the paintings and sculptures that we’ve inherently  become accustomed to throughout the years. The Mona Lisa, the Venus De Milo – as iconic as they are, don’t have the ‘fun appeal’ as some of the modern art that is being pushed […]

Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw: 2013 Dating Is A Wrap!

This year has been a bit hard on the head when it comes to dating. A girlfriend told me just this last week that I am the ‘Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw’. I have to bow my head and admit this is true. I wish I could sum all of my romanic escapades into one post […]

New York, New York

Sometimes it’s your location that plays a huge factor in your happiness. I moved to the big city when I was 24. Scared shitless with bear spray in purse and constant cautious eyes, I quickly learnt that big cities don’t necessary live up to their reputation of being ridiculously dangerous and crime ridden…although my father […]

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