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Sweetgrass Spa: A Sweet Experience

I recently had the priviledge of going to Sweetgrass Spa located on 111 Queen St E. This is not your typical spa. In fact, it is one of the only women’s only spas in Toronto….next to Body Blitz. Sorry guys…I remember a time when you didn’t let us vote…Ahem, I digress. The atmosphere is absolutely […]

Fall Must Haves

Have you noticed the days are getting shorter? Fall is on its way fast. I think the weather is still a bit confused. One day I’m walking the dogs in a tank top and shorts. The next day I’m throwing on a wool sweater and contemplating digging out my mittens. What gives Mother Nature? I […]

Sex on the 3rd Date?

SEX. This is a sticky subject….mind the pun. For some of us we look at the act of sex in a more casual light. A few drinks and a cute smile and we are hopping in the sack with a guy. There is nothing wrong with this and if that floats your boat than by […]

Taking a bath for all the right reasons: A Body Blitz Experience

I have been experiencing a lot of firsts recently. This is a good thing as it I am broadening my horizons and learning so much about things to do in this great city. When I was a kid, I remember my mother taking off to Europe with a bunch of her friends. My aunt was […]

Bad To The Bone Bridesmaids

Weddings seem to keep popping up as I’m getting older. Many of my friends are saying the “I do’s”. Most of my girlfriends are at that stage where the ring is just around the corner. There are a few of us singletons – but not many. That being said, I have to start thinking about […]

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