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Moving on up

A brief reflection… There are a few things you can do that can instantly change your life. One would be switching to Apple products. I was a Blackberry girl for eternity until about 7 months ago when I bought a Macbook and an iPhone. Yep, two major changes in one month –LIFE CHANGING. In all […]

A Weekend at the Toronto Honda Indy

This past weekend marked the 26th Toronto Honda Indy. I packed up my bookbag, loaded on the sunscreen and scoured my apartment for a good set earplugs. If this race weekend was anything like the one l had attended last year, I knew I would be in for a real treat. This year was Toronto’s […]

A Cinderella Story (Red Carpet Edition)

As a child I always dreamt about walking the red carpet and not down the isle like most girls. To be specific- The Grammy’s is where I always pictured myself. I’ve yet to have this privilege but I’ve had my chance at a few step and repeats in my recent adulthood. Who doesn’t love a […]

Bat your lashes

There are always things we  can do to better our appearance. Whether it’s a bit of lipstick here and there, a flat iron through the hair, or the odd shot of Botox to the forehead, a woman has to do some work to look her best.  There are indeed levels of intensity and believe me, […]

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