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Is he just not that into you?

Single girls drive themselves crazy with the inner banter of wondering if the man they are dating is into them. This is a dilema we face almost immediately after shutting the door after he drops us off. What about the three day rule? Should I text him? Is it okay for me to ask him out? How […]

When to embrace your inner nerd

Is it acceptable to show your nerdy self. Is a my inner Star Wars obsession something I should reveal and embrace? The answer here is maybe. If you are a girl who is in a new relationship, it is always good to test the waters before shedding some light on your inner nerdisms. For example, […]

Promiscuous Canada

SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX. Oooooooooh Canada…….Now that I have your attention, let’s seriously take a look at the action we all have come to love so much. I recently watched a fun romantic movie called “What’s Your Number”- a film about two promiscuous people who find themselves in and out of relationships. When […]

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