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Big ass lips

Everyone has a problem area that they are self-conscious about. My one personal flaw are my lips. A while back, I decided to get my lips done.  I didn’t think too much about it and made the decision one weekend over drinks. Now I know what you’re thinking- duck lips. I’m pretty classy people, so […]

A Medical Spa

Recently a friend of mine came ill. We toyed with the thought of having to wait in the waiting room for ridiculous amounts of time at the hospital. Finally we came to the conclusion that it was necessary we go to emergency. After a quick bout of research, we decided that the best place to […]

From pencil skirts to spanx

Like the famous X-Tina, I tend to yo-yo with my weight. One minute I’m a size two and rocking a mini skirt, the next I’m online sourcing the most effective Spanx product so that I can fit into said mini skirt (just buy a larger size- a size 6 cannot fit into a size 2. […]

Doggy Daze: When to get a dog

There are many reasons for getting a furry four legged amigo. Some may be that you’re lonely, or that you need a reason to get your ass out of bed before 9 am every day to go for a walk. My reasoning was that I had promised myself that if I had moved to the […]

DIY Raspberry and Honey Face Mask

I have had my fair share of spa days especially since moving to the big city of Toronto. In the Maritimes, a spa treatment can run you anywhere from 50-100 bucks. However in the small pop-in spas along Bloor several services are offered that are cost efficient. But what if you don’t want to leave […]

Dating 101: Meat meets the fishies of POF

I recently helped a good friend with his online dating write-up and profile. It is after all a dating jungle out there and any help is appreciated. I along with another fabulous friend sat down with beer and pizza in hand and Don Jauned the shit out his online dating profile. We made his write […]

Take me to St. Tropez…

We’re all searching for the perfect self-tanner. I’ve had my snooki moment where I’ve found myself spending more time in tanning beds than outside in the real sun. What was I thinking? It was a rainy day last week and decided a little face vitamin D might just do the trick. Fifteen minutes later I […]

Love, Marraige, Kids…No Thanks

I recently just found out about an ex having a baby. I’m confused how I should be feeling about this. My friends have asked me countless times how I’m feeling out of the blue. I wonder why they think this would even show up on my radar of all things to affect me. I’m more […]

I dream of McQueen

There are tons of designers out there who push the limits everyday. Low bust lines, crazy patterns, materials that look like they should be from another world… This is all fashion’s way of expression. I have been a huge lover of fashion since watching Fashion Files since I was a kid. Probably because it was […]

Welcome to insanity

Greetings and welcome to my blog. Most people tell me that the experiences in my life are unlike the ones they’ve ever experienced before. Weekly, I get told I should be writing these stories down in blog. I dedicate this blog to those who have laughed, gasped, and dopped the odd WTF. This blog will […]

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